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Welcome to Sara Karen Art, landscape Oil painter passionate about her local area of North Kent, and sometimes further afield.  She paints with a passion and gentleness that evokes the soul to step into a world of stillness and breath.

Her art is created to captivate you, with her gentle colour palate oftentimes mixed with  24K Goldleaf, Sara tries to recreate the beautiful landscapes around her, matched with stunning cloudscapes, sunsets and moody skies.

New for 2023

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The Outlander Collection

Mini collection of 2 pieces painted from a wonderful place in the Trossachs, Scotland.  Stunning and  atmospheric in all weathers!  Original Oils with Giclee prints also available from the Print Shop.
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Sharing her passion and her studio space is oftentimes a highlight of Sara's week where she teaches on a wonderful variety of workshops from Oils on stretched canvas to functional art on coasters and trays. She offers classes for 16+ and also children's classes from 6 to 15 years of age.   Click on the image to take you through to the workshops page.

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