Autumn Workshops

Welcome to Renaissance Art Workshops!

My name is Sara, and I am a professional artist running art workshops for adults and children alongside my own art time.  I'm passionate about art, and opening up my studio to teach various mediums is a highlight of my week.

Why I run Art Workshops

After the pandemic of 2020, I started opening my art studio to teach and was overwhelmed by the response of people that attended and kept coming back.  So I did some research.  It seems that allowing yourself that creative space is incredibly good for you both physically and mentally. You have probably experienced those moments in life where you are totally engaged in an activity and the time flies.  That's called being in a state of 'Flow'.  Your blood pressure lowers, heart rate slows, anxiety and depression disappear.  In short, its very good for you and incredibly enjoyable.

My Studio

I love my studio, it's my little piece of heaven!  I can accommodate 6-8 people quite comfortably and is heated for those chillier nights.  I provide refreshments, teas and coffees, hot chocolate, soft drinks and some home baking is always on the go.  You are very welcome to bring your own tipple, we can supply glasses.

IMG_20220113_214502 (1)_edited.jpg

Workshops for Autumn

My workshops are scheduled in 6 week blocks, and run alongside the school terms.  I run classes in Oil painting, Watercolours, Alcohol Inks and Acrylics.  Below is the schedule for Autumn.  Just click the relevant button for more information and booking.


Watercolour Colour Splash - £40 per person


Colour yourself happy with this workshop!

  • Step by step class teaching you the basics of watercolour

  • Very therapeutic class

  • Variety of cute animals to paint

  • You take home your very own piece of art, already mounted and ready to frame (frames not included)

  • All materials and refreshments included

  • Class for 16+ only

Acrylic Pours onto Trays - £55 per person


We like to call this 'Functional Art'.  Easy to do and so effective!

  • Easy class, no artistic skill necessary for this workshop

  • You not only take home a tray, but also your practise piece of art

  • All materials and refreshments included

  • Class is for 16+ only


Ethereal Nights Alcohol Ink Workshop - £40 per person

Ethereal nights alcohol ink workshops_edited.jpg

We love Alcohol Inks, very ethereal and the colour combinations are sublime!  This technique of art creates abstract art like no other.

  • No artistic experience necessary

  • 3 pieces of art to take home

  • Materials and refreshments included

  • 16+ only

  • Not recommended for those with respiratory issues or pregnant mums due to vapours

Alcohol Ink and Resin Workshop - Monstera Leaf £55

Untitled (1080 × 1080px) (13)_edited.jpg

Alcohol Inks and Resin are a perfect combination.  This workshop is a lovely one to do, working our artistic magic on a pre prepared Monstera Leaf.

  • No artistic experience necessary

  • A beautifully painted and resined Monstera leaf to hang on your wall

  • Materials and refreshments included

  • 16+ only

  • Not recommended for those with respiratory issues or pregnant mums due to vapours

Oil and Goldleaf Painting Workshop - Day retreat £85

IMG_20220620_141905__01 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Brand new workshop for this Autumn, a day spent in the Renaissance studio learning how to paint with oils and apply Goldleaf!

  • Step by step class, going at a relaxed pace

  • Teaching you the basics of oil painting and also how to apply goldleaf to canvas

  • Lunch and refreshments throughout the day provided

  • You get to take home a beautifully finished oil piece measuring 500mm by 500mm

  • 16+ only

  • Starts at 10.30 and ends around 3.30pm

Watercolour 'Cottage Core' Autumn style - £40 per person

IMG_20220813_112226__01 (1)_edited.jpg

WE LOVE COTTAGE CORE!  It's those pieces of art that make an interior cute and cosy and oh so vibey!  Brand new workshop this Autumn creating a very Autumnal style watercolour!

  • Step by step class, going at a relaxed pace

  • Teaching you the basics of Watercolours

  • A very therapeutic class to take

  • You get to take home a beautiful Autumnal inspired watercolour with a mount, ready for you to frame (frames not included)

  • 16+ only

  • All materials and refreshments provided