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Discover the vibrant world of art at MAKE YOUR MARK, our engaging classes for kids, located in the heart of Coney Hall, Bromley. Led by professional artist Sara Buckley, our small classes ensure each child receives the individual attention they need to thrive creatively. Nestled within the charming Art Cabin, our cosy and friendly environment sets the stage for exploration and inspiration. With a diverse range of topics including painting, drawing, sculpture, and more, children can unleash their imagination and express themselves freely. Rated 5 stars by our satisfied families, our classes promise a delightful blend of learning and fun in every session.

Sara has been sharing her passion for art with both adults and children for many years, enriching lives through creativity. With her expertise and dedication, she fosters artistic expression and skill development in her students. As a DBS-checked educator, Sara ensures a safe and supportive environment for learning and exploration.


Advanced Classes - Secondary School Age

  Tuesday Club is for our advanced or secondary school aged children, ideal if your child is working toward GCSE or a scholarship or if you child wants to take art a little more seriously.  We start at 5pm and end at 6.15pm.

Little artist for 5-7's or year group reception to year 2

Our Little Artist classes run on a Wednesday from 4.15pm to 5.30pm.  We like to keep our classes for our little artists fun and explorative with a nurturing ethos.  We look at a variety of mediums and topics to inspire them!

Young Artist for 7-11's or Year Group 3-6

Young Artist classes run on a Thursday afternoon from 4.15pm to 5.30pm.  These classes are a little more challenging, teaching the children about fine art but in a fun and supportive way.  We may look at different artists, different forms of art and medium, giving the children space to explore and 'find their voice' creatively.

Each class runs parallel to school term with 6 weeks of learning in between half term and holidays.  We charge £120 for each term, bookable as a 6 week block.  Booking opens for each new term at the end of the previous term.  If you found us part way through a term, please use the box below to register your interest.  

If you would like to 'try' a class, please leave your details in the box below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

Making Your Mark
Childrens Art Classes

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