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Welcome to Sara Karen Art

Sara is a landscape Oil painter passionate about her local area of North Kent, and sometimes further afield.  She paints with a passion and gentleness that evokes the soul to step into a world of stillness and breath.

Her art is created to captivate you, with her gentle colour palate oftentimes mixed with  24K Goldleaf, Sara tries to recreate the beautiful landscapes around her, matched with stunning cloudscapes, sunsets and moody skies.

Sara is currently exhibiting at the Under the Rainbow event, Bluewater Shopping Centre, Lower Guildhall.

Untitled (152 × 610mm) (610 × 152mm) (13).png
Cream Feminine Minimal Hello Autumn Banner.png
Cream Feminine Minimal Hello Autumn Banner (1).png
Untitled (152 × 610mm) (610 × 152mm) (9).png

Welcome to Sara Karen Art School, where creativity and expression are encouraged and celebrated. Our art school provides adults and children with the opportunity to explore their artistic talents, learn new skills, and express their creativity. Our cosy studio in Bromley is the perfect environment to inspire and encourage artistic growth in everyone. From therapeutic workshops for adults to engaging after-school and half-term art clubs for kids, we offer a variety of programs designed to help individuals of all ages discover the joy of art. 

For more information on what we offer, head over to the workshops tab in the menu.

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