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Welcome to The Studio Art Workshops, in person art and craft workshops located in Coney Hall, Bromley.

My name is Sara, and I am a professional artist running art workshops for adults and children alongside my own art time.  I'm passionate about art, and opening up my studio to teach various mediums is a highlight of my week.

Why I run Art Workshops

After the pandemic of 2020, I started opening my art studio to teach and was overwhelmed by the response of people that attended and kept coming back.  So I did some research.  It seems that allowing yourself that creative space is incredibly good for you both physically and mentally. You have probably experienced those moments in life where you are totally engaged in an activity and the time flies.  That's called being in a state of 'Flow'.  Your blood pressure lowers, heart rate slows, anxiety and depression disappear.  In short, its very good for you and incredibly enjoyable.  Time really does fly in our workshops with most of our sessions lasting between 2-3 hours.

My Studio

The Studio is a lovely warm and calm space.   I can accommodate 6-8 people quite comfortably and is heated for those chillier nights.  I provide refreshments, teas and coffees, hot chocolate, soft drinks and some home baking is always on the go.  You are very welcome to bring your own tipple, we can supply glasses.

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If you are interested in doing some art workshops then please follow the links below.  We schedule the workshops in 6 weeks slots.  If you would like to be kept up to date with our workshops then please subscribe to our newsletter which we send out on a monthly basis. 
If you would like to book a private workshop for a group, then please hop over to the Private/Party Workshops.

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